In Search of Fried Chicken

Day 3 — 23.02.14


Our plans for the day seemed to develop as the day went on. We roughly wanted to see the art district and maybe head to Gungnam.


We started making our way through the back streets of Seoul’s art district, and ended up near what I’m pretty sure is ‘The Bluehouse’ (Korean Whitehouse). We had breakfast at a fancy French pastry place, again eating way too much…


As we were walking around we stumbled across an Ice Gallery… Having no idea what it would be, we got two tickets (about $10 aud all up) and followed some guy talking in Korean. He led us to a standard looking industrial freezer door, said something, then opened it… Revealing some kind of ice sculpture wonderland!

That's some good ICEing...

That’s some good ICEing…

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We then signed up for a random ice sculpting class. The taught us how to make cups from ice! I made a beer mug and Jess made a wine glass, then they gave us orange soft-drink to put in them ha ha.


We spent another couple hours walking around the area checking it out. We made a quick stop back at the apartment to freshen up before heading out to Hongdae.


We went in search of fried chicken and came back with $400 worth of clothes… Plus fried chicken.

On our way through Hongdae, the university suburb, we found The Bike Repair Shop flagship store and got Tim some wedding swag. The shop assistants are pretty hands on here, they really want to make sure the clothes are sitting right, and they will venture all over you to make sure they are. At first it was kind of confronting, but now it’s just like someone else is dressing you… So yeah, still weird.

We went for a big walk through Hongdae and it was pretty obvious that everyone there was of uni age, everything was a little ‘Harajuku’. There wer street musicians, uni students shopping and lots of fried chicken places. We went into a fried chicken place to get our fix, sadly it wasn’t as yummy as we were hoping for… We had better Korean fried chicken in Australia… But it was still pretty good, and we had beers and soju to go with it, so what ever…


Hello Kitty Cafe!!!!

Saaaa Pank

Saaaa Pank

After chicken we went for a walk to find the Hello Kitty cafe. Never in my life have I seen so much pink… We ordered lattes and a tiramisu, Jess had a green tea latte and Tim had… Some sort of beef latte… It was some vegetable but taste like corn beef…

Anyway, we called it a night and made our way home.

Till tomorrow,
Tim & Jess

Look out for that guy Jess... He looks like a jerk.

Look out for that guy Jess… He looks like a jerk.