Welcome to Seoul

Day 1 — 21.02.14


This marked the start of our epic trip! Sadly… It wasn’t an epic start. The day prior we left work around 5:30pm, made or way to the airport and flew out to Kuala Lumpur at round 10pm. We started Day 1 over the pacific somewhere… We landed 6 hours later in KLIA, around 3am. We had a 5 hour layover and flew out to Seoul at 8am.


After another ~6 hour flight we landed at Incheon airport in South Korea! As soon as we got off our flight we found an awesome indoor ice skating rink! After some convincing Jess joined me on the “ice” (it was totes plastic…). We went around the edge, slipping every second movement, laughed a lot (at each other) then hopped off. That was fun.

Jess loves ice skating

Jess loves ice skating

We quickly got on the express train to the city, having to make 2 transfers to get to our station. We got a little lost, had some trouble at the station gates, all in all it took us about an extra 2 hours to find our place. Finally arrived at our AirBnB apartment, and it was so warm and nice! I think it was around 4° outside…


We had a super quick shower (after 24 hours of travel we needed one…) and ran out to get dinner before everything shut. We found an awesome little place to eat octopus bibimbap and mushroom beef hot pot, oh and a massive beer and bottle of Soju… Lack of sleep, lack of food, and a bottle of 19% alcohol and we were feeling pretty happy.

We decided to call it a night, we made our way home and have a good sleep. Ready for another adventure the next day.

Keep it real home slice,
Tim & Jess


View of Insadong from our apartment

View of Insadong from our apartment