Until Now

Day -390 — 20.02.14


Tim had recently returned from a solo trip around South Korea and Japan. He knew about a girl, that he had never seen before, who had only talked to him through Twitter, Instagram and email. He told everyone he “had the travel bug” and needed to go for a quick holiday to Sydney. She lived there.

She was reluctant to come to an Australia Day party, so he told her it meant he had her for the entire day after, to explore the city with him. They spent the day together, went to galleries, drove in fancy black cars, ate seafood and drank way too much saké. It was home time for the girl, Tim asked her to stay, she quickly replied with “alright”… That was too easy… They watched movies at the hilton and he told her he thought she was cute, she said he was drunk… That was the first time Jess turned me down.

Day -357

Skip ahead a bit over a month, I flew Jess out to Melbourne to visit me. I was waiting at the airport with a sign. One side said “Welcome Basian”, she laughed, the other said “Will you be my girlfriend”, she didn’t turn me down this time.

Day -280

Weekend after weekend of back and forward flights between Melbourne and Sydney, we decided to take a trip to Brisbane together.

Skip back almost a year earlier, in a brief Instagram encounter Jess mentioned she would say yes if someone proposed with a ring in a dumpling. That gave me a sure fire idea…

Jess landed in Brisbane the night of May 16, I was already waiting at the hotel. Jess came in, tired from the flight. I made small talk, then asked if she remembered making the comment about the dumpling… She did, so I pulled out a single dumpling with a ring in it.

Jess had never been more shocked in her life. I thought this might be the second time she turned me down, but after *a million years (*read 30 minutes) she finally answered with a yes!

Day 0

Today marks the beginning of our Wedding Holiday (patent pending). Just over a year on and I’m back where it all began. It was in Korea that I decided to meet Jess when I went home, it was in Japan I told my friends I would. It feels appropriate that I bring Jess back here to make a promise to each other. A promise that we will stick by each other’s side, care for each other, love each other and most importantly share the rest of our lives together.

Thank you to every one of our friends and family for all your past and ongoing support. Without some of you I never would have had the balls to ask her out (I’m looking at you Carlos).

I hope you all enjoy our recordings of this trip as much as we enjoy being on it. I’ll post as often as I can, without letting it get in the way ha ha.

Lots of stuff,
Tim (Jess is asleep on my shoulder… Hahahahahaha)

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