Osaka Stuck

Day 12 — 04.03.14


With Jess still not doing to well we didn’t end up seeing too much in Osaka. Also note that we didn’t take the camera with us for the day… so any photos were taken with iPhone.


We woke up to find that we were still in our ‘Osaka Love Hotel’ ha ha! Was kind of hoping we would wake up somewhere nice… Here is a bit of a room shot for you.



The first stop for the day was the Osaka Aquarium. This place turned out to be the best aquarium that either of has had ever been to! It was so awesome.


We spent ages going through ever level. The aquarium had a really unique layout. It had roughly 6 or 7 deep tanks. Each one had different animals at different levels of the same tank. So as you spiral down though the entire aquarium you are able to see what creatures live at what depth. For example, one tank might have sea otters at the top, smaller fish just below, larger fish as you get deeper, sea turtles and then finally crabs and octopus. All that in one deep tank! It was really cool!

A couple other notable things were that they had a whale shark, some sort of really  ancient looking giant eel fish guy… and Jess became the crab overlord.



We decided to have a look at the Umeda Sky Building, but on the way we found a building that Simon and Jenna Hipgrave had told us about. It was an awesome little church… sticking out half way up a skyscraper…


We didn’t get to have a look inside, but it was still cool. Anyway, we made our way to the Umeda Sky Building to get a good view of the city before heading back to our dank and getting a good night sleep. We were off to Kyoto in the morning and didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite,

Tim & Jess.