Jess Made Some Friends

Hiroshima — Osaka — 03.03.14


Deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer CUTIE DEER!!!


The curtains were really good at the Sheraton… We thought it was still early, turns out it was almost midday. We quickly packed up and checked out. We asked if the hotel could hold our bags till we came back from exporning, they were more than happy to. So we set off exploring Hiroshima for the day.



Miyajima Island, famous for the red gate in the middle of the water and known as one of the most beautiful places in Japan. Also home to… Cute deer!!! Wild deer to be precise.


We spent a large part of the day exploring the various temples, petting e various deer and climbing over the various rocks.


Before we set off for Osaka we decided to visit ground zero… The location that will forever mark the first ever use of an atomic bomb against human target. We went to the Hiroshima peace park and the A-Bomb Dome. The Dome was a deliberate reminder of the ruthless destruction we can cause to our fellow man. It was standing exactly as it had straight after the bomb dropped in 1945. The building had been many things through its life, but before the bomb had dropped it was a sort of community hall. The area round it, the area the bomb exploded just 600 meters above the ground, was a bustling art and community district. The entire story was of sadness and bad judgments… Such petty men and their petty arguments, wanting for entitlement and poor choices cause so many to die. The cost understanding that you are have no more worth than your fellow man is too great.



That was the end of Hiroshima for us, a beautiful and beautifully sad city that will forever be in our memories. We we off to Osaka! The crazy sibling to Kyoto (I may have just made that up). Jess got sick on the way to the hotel.


We made it to our hotel/AirBnB place/… Humm… It was an ‘old’ love hotel. For those of you that don’t know, on the books a love hotel is referred to as a rest hotel. Patrons choose from 2 options, a ‘rest’ stay of up to 4 hours, or an overnight stay at a much higher cost. Before I tell you the real meaning, it’s best I paint the picture. In Japan it is common for a few generations to live under the same household. This, I’m sure, makes it difficult for… ‘Young love’… So places like this exist for couples to… Enjoy each other’s company away from the house. For a short amount of time, though I’m sure 4 hours is generous. So we thought it would be funny to stay in one. Turns out a guy had turned his fathers love hotel into a hotel for tourists, by that I mean he took out the weird music playing beds and put some packaged toothbrushes and soap in… It felt pretty dirty.

Love Stank

Trying to not get STD’s from this place,
Tim & Jess.

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