Busan — Hiroshima — 02.03.14


After a very short stay in Busan, we were off to Japan! Our time in Korea had it’s ups and downs. While we will both agree that Seoul is an amazing place, Jeju isn’t perhaps on our list of revisits. It was worth seeing, but too much of the island is aimed at the gimmick-loving tourist. Busan might nice to return to one day, as we didn’t get to see much at all. But Seoul will remain one of my personal favorite cities.


We decided to try a few different types of transport on this trip. Going from South Korea to Japan gave us the option of traveling by boat. We packed our bags and headed to the docks to make our maiden voyage on the ‘JR Beetle’. This little boat could fly! It was about a 3 hour trip and felt so smooth. I was really worried about getting motion sick (as I always do…) and more worried about Jess getting very sick. Everything turned out great, it was a good quick trip that gave us a little time to nap.


We had a quick stop over in Fukuoka while we transferred over to the Shinkansen (bullet train). This was our first experience of the Shinkansen, as you can see from the picture, Jess was impressed…


Ha ha, no she really was impressed. It went so quick! It was amazing to look out the window and see the change in landscape. There are so many hills in Japan.


We took the train from Fukuoka to Hiroshima, the trip was about 2 hours or so. We took our time at the stations, eating lunch and having coffee… When we arrived we decided to look up where the hotel was. We were staying at the Sheraton, when I pulled out my phone and put the address into maps it was just showing my location. I was confused for a minute, until we looked up and realised we were already at the hotel…

We checked in, ran around the room a bit (it was huge and amazing) then went out to eat. Jess managed to eat a bit of ramen! Things were starting to get better. We called it a night and retired to our amazing room.


You should all be jealous,
Tim & Jess