Jeju — Busan — 01.03.14


Jess was still really sick but we had to make our way to Busan


It was a pretty short flight, about 45 minutes, and we were in the costal city of Busan. Kind of like the Gold Coast of Korea I guess. We had a cute little AirBnB apartment for the night, Jess wasn’t doing so well so she slept at the apartment while I went for a look around.


I managed to find a Hotteok stand! They we this small Korean pancake thing, with a sort of chocolate sauce in the middle. They cut them open and stuff them with fresh seeds when you buy one. So goooooood!

Then I ate an octopus lunch while looking over the beach. It was nice, I felt a little bad that Jess was at home sick though…


I went back to get Jess, she was doing a little better so we decided to go to the aquarium. It was raining so the aquarium was packed! It was pretty good though. They had a weird finless dolphin thing… 2 of them… They were weird.

After that we went home and got an early night. We had a pretty early trip over to Japan in the morning.

Tim and Sick Jess.