Seoul — Jeju — 26.02.14


today we left Seoul and flew to Jeju Island, just off the southern most peninsula of South Korea.


Our flight wasn’t until 2PM so we made one last stop at Millimeter Milligram for some coffee and to buy a few more mugs… We will miss this shop.


This was it for Seoul, we had an amazing time and will miss the city a lot. We made our way out to the airport, managed to get some cheap flights when we were at home, I think we paid like $40 each! It was a little confusing but we figured out way pretty quick. Very much the same as domestic flights back home, just all in Korean…


The flight was about an hour and 5 minutes… To go from the northern most city of South Korean to the southern most city… Yeah… It’s small…

We immediately figured out what Jeju was all about when we got there. It was pretty much the Hawaii of South Korea. And packed full of pointless and awesome theme parks, like the Teddy Bear theme park, or the ‘Jeju Mystery Road’… Apparently it’s this weird road where you feel like the car driving up a hill even in neutral.


We didn’t get into our hotel till later in hype afternoon… It was raining a lot, and we had to get a taxi in. This was our first experience with a Jeju taxi driver… Every one was weird. So the guy spent about 10 minutes looking at the map I was showing him. Me going “look, this is the airport, this is us. Here is the hotel, go down this road” honestly if it wasn’t raining so much we would have walked, it was only 2km. He ended up ‘calling’ the hotel, then was happy to take us there. Scared he was going to take us for a huge trip around the island we huddled in the back seat. After a good 20 minutes he stopped and said “this is your hotel”, we didn’t really care where we were, we just wanted to get out. So we grabbed our bags, the taxi took off and we realized it was no where near our hotel…

We ended up walking about 5 blocks and finally arrived at our hotel. The J2 Family Hotel on Jeju, we recommend it. It was about $110 a night for a pretty big self contained apartment in a good area. The owners even gave us some famous ‘Jeju Oranges’ on the way in.


Again a late dinner… We found a nice place next to our hotel, only problem was they had no English. This was never usually a problem, we would just point at pictures if this happened, but there were no pictures either… The waitress ended up just pointing at something and saying “Cow”. So we had ‘cow’… The dinner turned out to be amazing, it was a beef, abalone, dumplings and mushroom hotpot! That and some soju and we had ourselves a great night.

We didn’t get any pictures though… Sorry.

Tim & Jess are full.