A fishy finale

Day 5 — 25.02.14


Today was our last full day in Seoul, so we tried to get a few of the suburbs we had missed.


We started the day by moving house. Our host Sunny read that we were on our wedding trip and gave us a little wedding gift! It was super nice of her and super cute

We had an awesome time staying in the AirBnB apartment, but for our last night in Seoul we booked a room in a Bukchon! A traditional Korean house. The Bukchon was really cool! We weren’t meant to check in yet though so we just dropped off our bags and set off for the fish markets!



The fish market in Seoul isn’t as famous as the one in Tokyo, but it is by far my favorite. Almost everything in is still alive, it’s more of an aquarium than a fish market. And you can take what you buy to the restaurants inside and they will cook it up!


We went a little crazy… We ended up with a dozen oysters, 6 huge prawns, 2 octopus and a big spider crab. We then took our sea friends to one of the restaurants and they cook end them all up for us, gave us a bunch of side dishes and some soju and beer. We had a massive feast, all up it cost about $100 AUD.


After the fish markets, and still smelling like fishy fiends, we went to Itaewon to see some of the high end shops. Like a 7 story Comme Des Garçon store, a Millimeter Milligram department store called D.Department and heaps more. We walked around the area a bit and then decided to finish the day checking out Myong-Dong.


Myong-dong is kinda crazy… I’d say it’s like the Harajuku of Seoul, but maybe bigger… All the Japanese tourists come here to do their shopping. All the clothes are kind of over the top and awesome! We got more socks, some shirts and a dumb beanie. Had some really good fried chicken and then made our way back to the Bukchon for a good night sleep.