Day 4 — 24.02.14


We got up pretty early today looking for breakfast… Turns out Koreans don’t really have breakfast like we do… They pretty much all make it at home, and eat dinner food. So we walked around for a while and noticed that nothing really opens till 10am.


We managed to find something that seemed like ‘a new tradition’… Porridge! We found a little savory and sweet porridge shop, it seemed to be pretty popular, and was as close to breakfast as you would get. Jess had a crab meat porridge and I had a seafood combination. In traditional Korean custom, they came with some amazing side dishes. This time, however, we noticed that the girls sitting near us were adding their side dishes to the meal, so we did the same. It was amazing! This was one of the best breakfasts we have had here, would have it again any day.

Tim seems pleased with his porridge...

Tim seems pleased with his porridge…


After cleaning up a bit at home and writing yesterday’s blog post, we made our way over to Sinsa, in Gangnam. Home of he vintage, boutique shopping and high end fashions labels. But before we started searching for vintage Kenzo sweaters we had to made a quick stop at Banana Tree.


Jess found out about this tiny cafe tucked away in Sinsa on a random blog about Korean design. It was called Banana Tree, and apparently they did little puddings, in pot plants…

The tiny shop was covered in yellow from the outside, and had super cute vintage styling on the inside. The waitress was pretty good with her English, explained the menu and sat us down. We let out a little squeal of excitement and placed our order. Jess got a banana pudding and a fairy floss latte, and I got a blueberry pudding and marshmallow latte!

Let me hear you say this shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Let me hear you say this shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S

There were some girls sat behind us that seemed confused about what language they wanted to speak… Every sentence was an English Korean hybrid. They had really American accents to their English, it was interesting to hear what words they would use in English and not.


After our amazing dirt feast we started down the small back streets and alleyways that make up Gangam. We found so many cool hidden vintage and design shops. Some even underground! Jess managed to get some awesome red boots from a place called “Geekshop”. We spent a few hours wandering around, and eventually managed to find the one shop I was desperate to see… SOCK PILL!!!l

When I came here a little over a year ago, I tried to go to Sock Pill about 3 trimes… E very time it was shut, but luckily not this time! We each got 3 pairs of awesome socks, and they put them in this little pill container. They were all out of containers, but I told the shop lady I came a year ago and missed out, so she fished some out of the window display for us ha ha.

After Sock Pill I wanted to show Jess the headquarters of SM Entertainment. They are probably the biggest entertainment company in South Korea, with K-Pop groups like Girls Generation they pretty much stay on top. Lucky for us, Girls Generation was releasing a new album that day! Unlucky for us, the headquarters was under reconstruction… So there was nothing to see. Honestly though, it was kinda shitty looking when I came last, it need an update ha ha! The best looking headquarters by far is YG Entertainment HQ, but we didn’t go there this time.

Not S&M Entertainment... You're sick.

Not S&M Entertainment… You’re sick.


We found what looked like a sports bar nearby, turns out it was just a Japanese restaurant. Food was pretty good, a bit expensive at $90, but still good.

We were pretty exhausted after the big day so rent decided to call it a night and go home to bed.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite,
Tim & Jess